Interactive 3d pool configurator handling tens of thousands of complex estimates in multiple currencies

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Full-stack design & development

Technology stack

Algolia search API

The challenge

Handling thousands of incoming price requests for a complex modular product.

Project Background

I was working with the folks from Modpools on a different project when they had what seemed like a brilliant idea: making swimming pools out of shipping containers. It certainly seemed like a great idea, and they had working prototype in their backyard. I offered to take some photos and put a up a quick splash page for them. No one could've imagine the splash we'd make.

After some small online publications shaw the photos and video we shot of the one existing prototype, the product went viral. In a matter of days my photos were on the front page of Yahoo,, Curbed, Thrillist, CTV, the list goes on. Modpools was flooded with inquiries without the processes or resources in place to handle the surge in demand. With millions of of users visiting the splash page and thousands of pricing requests coming, we needed a way to scale the estimate process.

Staff estimate portal